Sometimes all we need is a fresh start and that is Ozone Infusion in a nutshell.

It is all about:  Detoxify, Rejuvenate and Regenerate!  At Ozone Infusion we take a holistic approach to health.

We Re-evaluate; Refocus and Restart your  path to a healthier you! 

Like my favorite Naturopath says; “The body can heal itself if given the right conditions” 

It all started with my own journey.  Sadly most of us only start the journey of Self-Care almost too late if ever. We put our body

and mind through ‘years of abuse’ just because life happens and we do not have the time or energy to refocus.

Between marriage, children, jobs, finances, family, stress, trauma, demands on your time, etc; the list goes on and on.

Then one day you realize, something needs to change...., you need a fresh start.  You need to reevaluate and refocus.

What I needed was an overall body and mind paradigm shift.  

My body and soul screamed for better care and I was  tired of Doctors only prescribing more medicine instead of finding

the real cause of my health issues.

I knew it was the end of the easy-way-out, treating-symptoms-not-causes-solution for me.  I had to Reset and Restart all over again.

My stress levels were out of control and there was not too much I could do about this except try to regain some balance. 

Time and energy was a luxury I did not have, but I pressed on and embarked on a detoxification journey, starting with my mind.

 I also knew my body required the right support to assist in this ‘clean-up’ exercise and I needed more energy to get me through the journey to support this healing process.

For me, it was back to basics, back to my origin before life contaminated it all; but I needed help.

This is where my Ozone journey began. 

Ozone treatment had all the benefits, natural goodness and kick-start my body so desperately needed.  

In this detox-ozone-soul- searching-journey, I realised this was not only a clean-up and de-clutter journey for me 

but a whole new season in my life.

A path of self-awareness and self-care, getting rid of the old to make room for the new; replace the convenient

with a bit  of  healthy effort.  Value my life and health with more appreciation and growing old gracefully.

It was time to let go of the bad habits and dysfunctional emotional crutches one baby step at a time. 

Time for healthier coping mechanisms and better choices supporting a healthy mind and body.

I knew Ozone treatment was a great starting point and then to find it with all the benefits of steam sauna,

electrotherapy, aromatherapy, far infrared and photon light therapy in an all in one solution was an added bonus.   

Ozone Infusion is using the best and latest Ozone technology with a state of the art Hocatt machine and its various beneficial

components complimenting each other. 

So I am on my way to this  happier and healthier me.  Knowing without a doubt going forward,  I wanted to assist those who

needed  to embark on a similar journey, be it illness, weight-loss, overall support in natural health or

just basking in the great benefits of Ozone Therapy.

       A journey for a new you .... and who better to assist than those already on the path.

Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement and support or just someone to hold our hand.


It is Time to SLOW down - (Stop, Listen, Observe, Waken)

Time to Reset & Rejuvenate!!   

 It’s Time for a NEW YOU!

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